Conscious Sleep Consulting with Heart


Conscious sleep consulting with heart. Solutions to get your whole family sleeping that welcome closeness, contact, and connection. The process of getting your child to sleep through the night doesn't have to be painful. Let us show you how. 

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Because every family we meet IS unique. Every sleep plan we create is custom, and no two consultations will ever be the same. Learn more about our 21 days of support.

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Sleep without sleep training?

Yes. It can be done. You will learn how to get your child to sleep from a place of love and trust. Together we will build a positive association with sleep for a lifetime. More sleep without the cry-it-out.  

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Certified Professionals

We are passionate about working with children and it shows. You can trust that our strategies are research and evidence based. You WILL get your child sleeping in a way that you feel comfortable with.

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Sleep in a way that feels good...

You will reach your sleep goals without ever compromising your relationship with your child. Let sleep be a place of connection, love, and trust.


Lara is extremely passionate about the work that she does, and is always learning more so that she can support families with the most up-to-date research backing her recommendations. She was born to do this work -- I recommend her highly. 

– Brandie Hadfield, President of Attachment Parenting Canada, Toronto, ON


Service with a Smile

Kindness, empathy and support guide our daily interactions with all of our clients. You will experience an exceptional sleep consultation experience.

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