Frequently Asked Questions


We know our approach is unique. Learn more about what gentle sleep coaching means to us and if it will work for you. 

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What ages are your services Most suited to?

We are happy to work with any child right from birth, up to age 5. With expectant parents, or parents of newborn babies, we seek to educate. We will explain the science behind why your baby sleeps the way they do, how to get your baby settling more quickly and easily, and what to expect in the first 18 months of your child’s sleep journey.

Do you do classic forms of sleep training?

No.  We take a holistic approach which means really examining all aspects of the family dynamic, to ensure the best methods are used to remedy your struggles. We actually don’t practice traditional methods of sleep training at all. Our goal is to gently “nudge” your child to a better night’s sleep. We believe babies are not to be trained, and that more sleep can come from a place of love, trust, instinct and intuition.

We think our child is going through a sleep regression. Is it best to hold off on your services until this is over?

Sleep regressions are major developmental PROgressions in your child’s life. The first 18 months are full of all kinds of changes, and as a result, sleep regressions will occur. Families who have laid the groundwork for healthy sleep habits tend to ride regression phases out quite quickly, and find themselves back on track relatively fast. If you are feeling like you are constantly into another “regression” phase and things do not seem to be getting any better, I would certainly suggest getting some help. We will also educate you on what exactly is happening and why. Sometimes knowing more about your baby’s needs at this time goes a really long way in helping the family get more sleep.

will you support us if we wish to share a family bed?

Yes. We will walk you through realistic goals and expectations, and how to best support your child through this process as long as you are okay with co-sleeping safely.

we are going to be travelling soon; is it best to wait to work with you when we are back?

Infants will learn to sleep best in the environment they know and love. For this reason, we do ask families to commit to being home for at least 3 weeks of our support period.

How long will it take for us to see results?

Every child is different! With consistency, careful planning, and open communication, most families see an improvement by day 4! We work closely together for 3 + weeks, and so we have many days to iron out all of the details as needed.

Will there be crying?

Crying is an infant’s first and best form of communication. In working with babies, there will be some crying! But crying in the supportive arms of a loving caregiver will look very different from leaving your baby alone to cry. You will never be asked to leave your baby alone to cry.

Lara does try to keep the parental crying at bay however, with quality listening, empathy, and a supportive framework over what our babies are trying to tell us, and how to best respond. Each individual child will respond differently to sleep coaching. And every family will choose a different methodology that supports their personal goals and beliefs.

Are you going to put us on a super strict schedule?

No two babies are the same. I say, babies are not robots, and neither are we. There has to be some flexibility in scheduling, especially for those infants with older siblings who require school drop-offs, and pick-ups. Lara will cater the schedule to YOUR family, while ensuring it matches up with sleep science methodologies and best practices that will help your baby get more sleep.

Are your services attachment parenting friendly?

Yes, they are. We will sit down and really get to know you and your family’s wishes for better sleep. We will then create a plan together that you feel supports your parenting philosophy, and your family is comfortable with.

Have you worked with co-sleeping families who wish to transition their little one to a crib or bed for independent sleep?

Yes, of course. Many families come to us wishing to move from a family bed to an independent sleep scenario. We are very creative in finding supportive ways to make this transition less stressful for everyone.