Lara Rabb, B.A., B.Ed.,

Certified Sleep Consultant and Sleep Educator

My Passion

I always knew that working with children would be my life’s work. Now that I have two children of my own, I sometimes question why?! I’m joking. Hear me out.

After years working with preschoolers in public recreation and as a nanny, I decided to pursue an education in teaching. I earned my teaching certificate in 2009 and began to grace Vancouver’s classrooms!

 I truly thought raising my own children after working with other peoples for years would be a piece of cake. I was wrong about this. And I apologize for all the sideways glances I gave out in the grocery store prior to me having my own offspring.



My Approach

I started my own company, because I wanted to help families and babies sleep in a way  that I believed in. I didn’t want to be forced to fit into a “box”, and I didn’t want to practice one particular style of sleep coaching.

 Every day I seek to give families what THEY need.

A solution that fits their parenting philosophy and that I believe is safe, healthy, nurturing, and successful.

Education & Accolades: 

  • Happiest Baby on the Block Educator under the direction of Dr. Harvey Karp

  • Certified Child and Infant Sleep Consultant under the International Maternity and Parenting Institute and Mar Oscategui

  • Certified Infant Sleep Educator under Bebo.Mia and the president of Attachment Parenting Canada Ms. Brandie Hadfield

  • Member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants

  • Guest Speaker - UP Babywearing Conference

  • Bachelor of Education with advanced diploma in curriculum and instruction

  • Bachelor of Arts with a minor in psychology

My Family Today

When I’m not sleep coaching, I’m hanging out with my kids, and, my husband.

We take parenting one day at a time. We try to do a little better with each passing day, but we mess up a lot, and we know that is okay.

We live in Port Moody, British Columbia, and enjoy many nature walks, coffee at our local coffee shop, and chasing our kids down the street constantly yelling CAR!

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My Sleep Journey

In 2013 I became a mom. I met my darling child for the first time, and it is safe to say, my boat was rocked.

A joyous time quickly became stressful, convoluted, and riddled with anxiety, when this little one refused to sleep.

“You’re holding him too much."              "Put him down when he is drowsy, but awake!"

"Just let him cry it out!”        "He has to learn to self-soothe." 

These were the words I kept hearing from well-meaning friends, and family. My own mom told me to rock him 'til he was 25 and figure it out later. But, I’m a tad stubborn, and I simply couldn’t take that for an answer.

My husband and I attempted our own “sleep training”. After one failed night of “pick-up, put-down” and two failed nights of “controlled crying” I found my stress peaking and decided to look into hiring a professional sleep consultant to help.

I connected with a well-known baby sleep coach and began to experience a transformation and shift.

Sleep was no longer MY problem alone.

Someone else actually wanted to hear from me about it each day. And I felt like a mother far more experienced than I was leading me. This was what I needed at the time.

But after the smoke settled, and the dust cleared, I began to question the process we had used to get our child to sleep. Had what we done been the best thing for our child? For us as a couple? And had it considered our lifelong attachment?

These questions are what inspire me every day. I became a certified sleep consultant because I am passionate about the transformation a family can make when they are sleeping.


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